Luyện thi THPTQG 2018

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Môn học

1 Poor children can not ____ an abundance of presents on their birthday
A Look forward to 
B Put up with 
C Come up with 
D Cut down on 

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language


     Clacton and Frinton are holiday (65)…….situated ten kilometres from each other on the east (66)…….of England. Despite their proximity, they couldn’t be more different in character from each other.

     Clacton is a typical (67)…….town with cheap fish and chip cafes, ice-cream stalls (68) ……….the seafront, bright amusement arcades and, of course, a traditional pier jutting out (69) …….the sea. For a few weeks in the summer its (70)……….are packed with young families; parents relax with a newspaper and a cup of tea, while their children play in the water or build sand castles.

     Frinton, by contrast, is much more refined. Tasteful apartment (71) ………overlook the undeveloped beach. It’s ideal for elderly holiday-makers who enjoy a gentle stroll (72)………the seafront. It is quiet, some would say dead, compared to Clacton with its noise and bustle.

65. A. ports B. places C. resorts D. districts

66. A. sea B. beach C. shore D. coast

67. A. sea B. seaside C. coast D. resort

68. A. to B. over C. on D. in

69. A. into B. on C. to D. at

70. A. seas B. coasts C. shores D. beaches

71. A. blocks B. houses C. flats D. castles

72. A. among B. from C. along D. in

Mọi người làm và giải thích cho mình bài này khó quá. Phần giải thích là chính nha các bạn

Mình cảm ơn rất nhiều! Mọi người cố giúp mình nhé 

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language

Mọi người cho em hỏi là câu “everything does my head in” có nghĩa là gì vậy ạ?

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language

Choose the correct preposition 

1.They started the class on/at/in April

2.Let’a meet on/in/at 8:30

3.I went to college in/at/on the 1990s

4.What would you like to do at/in/on the morning

5.We always go shopping on/in/at the weekend 

6.Wendy bought a car at/on/in November 

7.Do you eat special food at/on/in Thanksgiving 

8.What did he do at/on/in Sunday 

9.I’ll give you a call at/on/in two weeks’ time 

10.In/On/At New Year’s Day we often go to the beach

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language

there should be no discrimination on ...... ò sẽ race=

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language

hu hu ở đây có ai cũng học tiếng Pháp không ạ? T_T

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language

what is this English grammar in the following statement? 

"For in a broad sense, spirituality is part of our human nature and common to all people."


I mean, what is the purpose of the word "for"?

why don't we just omit "for" and just write "in a broad sense" as a preposition?

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language

The prisoner was taken to ....: court to stand trial

a. A     B. X        C. The.        D. One

khi nào dùng the ạ mn chỉ e vs

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language

M.n giúp e viết lại câu ạ.

1. It is difficult for me to get the work done by the weekend. DIFFICULTY

2. It's not your fault. BLAME

3. I want to be left alone. DISTURBED

4. You must drive more slowly in town. REDUCE

5. You can borrow my bike if you're in a hurry. MIND

6. They are going to demolish the old building soon. PULLED

7. She failed to persuade her father to buy her a cellphone. SUCCEED

8. His father would prefer him to find a job. RATHER

9. How much does this bag cost ? PRICE

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language

so's nghia la gi

#Hỏi đáp Foreign Language

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