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there should be no discrimination on ...... ò sẽ race=

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hu hu ở đây có ai cũng học tiếng Pháp không ạ? T_T

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what is this English grammar in the following statement? 

"For in a broad sense, spirituality is part of our human nature and common to all people."


I mean, what is the purpose of the word "for"?

why don't we just omit "for" and just write "in a broad sense" as a preposition?

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The prisoner was taken to ....: court to stand trial

a. A     B. X        C. The.        D. One

khi nào dùng the ạ mn chỉ e vs

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M.n giúp e viết lại câu ạ.

1. It is difficult for me to get the work done by the weekend. DIFFICULTY

2. It's not your fault. BLAME

3. I want to be left alone. DISTURBED

4. You must drive more slowly in town. REDUCE

5. You can borrow my bike if you're in a hurry. MIND

6. They are going to demolish the old building soon. PULLED

7. She failed to persuade her father to buy her a cellphone. SUCCEED

8. His father would prefer him to find a job. RATHER

9. How much does this bag cost ? PRICE

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so's nghia la gi

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Làm hộ mk r giải thích dùm mk với ạ!! Cảm ơn nhiều <3


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Rewrite the sentence In the end we found a solution that suited us both (COMPROMISE) -> ...................
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Cho em hỏi cấu trúc đảo ngữ của câu điều kiện vs ạ!!

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 anh chị có thể dịch giúp em câu này được không ạ?

It is widely believed that greater participation by women in market-based activities would yield desirable development outcomes

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